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What is Energetic Coaching and who is it for?

Energetic coaching is a holistic approach that utilizes energy awareness and management techniques, and traditional coaching to empower individuals in their personal and professional growth journey, catering to anyone seeking make significant life changes and unlock their full potential.
Energetic Career Coaching combines energy awareness with coaching around mindset, limiting beliefs and emotions to assist with growth within your current role or embarking on a new career path.
Life Vision Coaching combines energy awareness with coaching around mindset, limiting beliefs and emotions to help individuals discover their core values, define their long-term aspirations, and develop actionable plans to create the life they truly desire. We can work on up to 12 dimenstions of life, understanding that there is a holistic link between all in order to live our best life.
The ultimate goal of coaching is to provide guidance, support, and expertise tailored to an individuals specific needs and goals. The aim is to overcome obstacles and empower individuals to create a life of fulfillment both in their personal and professional life.

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About Natalie

Natalie is passionate about showing her clients how to release their past, connect to their intuition and create fulfilling lives. She believes that we can all break free from things that may hold us back and embody our full potential in everyway possible.


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Sweet Words from Clients


Since my last session with you I've experienced more confidence in listening to my intuition especially at work but also just in my own life. All last week I've had clients thanking me. Now, this happens often but last week it happened even more often and there was more emphasis, and change.


We talked about the parts of my life where I felt stuck, the triggers, and strategies to overcome them with minimal impact on myself and those around me. Initially, I felt confused and without a plan, but the session reminded me that there's a way out. Now, I know what to focus on.


Within the next few hours I experienced a shift in my motivation to achieve my goals. I started making progress, even in goals that weren't on the forefront of my mind before the sessions.


I realized that discussing what was bothering me, understanding why I felt stuck, and learning strategies from Natalie made me see there are simple, small steps to find clarity and calmness.


We looked at different parts of my life, but mostly focused on family, work, and self development, which i am struggling most. Natalie helped me see how these parts are connected and how my doubts and me focusing on obstacles is holding me back. Her guidance has empowered me to organize my thoughts, and take progressive actions toward a more fulfilling life.


Slept better than ever before. I also had some kind of deeper understanding about some childhood trauma that I can now see how it's impacting me today. I am also having a better understanding about some things about my work. I know it's only been a day but I am understanding situations with more clarity.


I am so thankful, I had a huge shift and my energy is coming back! This is so powerful, my right hip and neck are sooo much better. It's been months since I had a good nights sleep.


I'd like to have continued clarity for my work, life, and the upcoming exam on October 7th. I have been studying and I took another practice test and there was a good improvement from my last practice test since our last session. l've also noticed improvement in my clarity and communication at work and home.


I fell asleep. At some point, I felt a blanket of calm covering me. Thank you so much, Natalie.

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