Energy Healing and Chakra Clearing Facts

Harnessing Energy Healing and Chakra Clearing for Optimal Wellness

What is Energy Healing?

Everything in this universe is composed of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies. The molecules located within our bodies are constantly vibrating and radiating positive or negative, balanced or unbalanced, opened or closed frequencies.
In our bodies, energy flows through channels called chakras. These energy centers can get blocked due to stress, traumas, or toxins, leading to physical and emotional issues. To maintain vibrant health, the body needs its energies to flow freely throughout the body. During an energy healing session the practitioner will scan the energetic body of the client to assess for any blockages and then work to clear them to allow the energy to flow freely throughout the body.

Managing stress and negative energy

We live in an overwhelming world and we need to be aware of how to manage daily stress and the debilitating effects it has on the body. We accept stress as part of life. Sometimes we accept toxic behaviours at the detriment of our own well being. Most people aren’t aware that we’re subject to negative energy at many points in the day, and it can be cleared so that we can lead a healthier life. By clearing the energy it can also improve our ability to tap into our intution. We can then better tap into our creativity and our ability to create a more abundant life.

The importance of protecting our energy

Protecting and clearing our energy is as important as our daily hygiene. However it is not a quick fix. Once these blocks are cleared we need to do the work in order to protect ourselves from re-occuring events that may cause the root issues in the first place. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and unlock the potential that lies within us.

Some of the benefits

How can a session by run remotely?

Think of it this way, energy clearings already involve distance, especially when we work with past lives, energetic attachments, inner child, ancestral DNA and so on. The distance may be over space, time, and dimensions and it does not require a client to be physically present.

During an energy reset session, the practitioner works with the clients energy body, so there is very little physical contact even if the person is in front of them. So, in a way, there is really no difference between an in-person session and a distance healing session.

A remote session has the benefit that client will be able to relax and integrate in their own home for as long as they would like instead of having to focus on driving home.

How many sessions would I need?

Even the healthiest of people like to have an energy reset session a few times a year for a cleanse or to continue their path of self-discovery. How many sessions that are required completely depends on the individual client. Some individuals only need one session, but for more chronic conditions more sessions would be recommended.
Just like most therapies, it will take multiple sessions to create longer term, more effective healing. If you’ve had a recurring issue for 10 years, it would be unrealistic to expect that it could be resolved in one treatment. Having an energy healing session, despite its many benefits is not a quick fix. Daily action needs to be taken to embody the desired changes that you are seeking in your every day life which will lead to your desired outcomes.

Natalie’s approach to energy healing

Typically conducted remotely, Natalie’s sessions allow her to work with private and corporate clients from diverse backgrounds across the globe. Central to her practice is sacred geometry, representing the fundamental patterns of the universe found in nature. These shapes hold a unique resonance, enhancing our connection to something greater than ourselves, whether we call it spirit, the universe, or something else entirely.
Central to Natalie’s philosophy, is that a healer isn’t someone you go to for a healing; rather, a healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself. When Natalie works with her clients, she doesn’t just aim to fix their problems—she empowers and guides them to tap into their own ability to heal. Instead of just treating symptoms, she helps them discover their inner strength and innate healing potential. For Natalie, each session is like a blank canvas, offering an opportunity to tailor a bespoke experience for every client—whether it’s clearing old patterns, activating dormant potential, or simply fostering grounding and centering. Natalie essentially taps into the specific geometries and frequencies required for each individual. By tapping into these subtle energies, Natalie helps her clients achieve alignment, fostering a more harmonious state of being.

Energy sessions can be offered individually (1:1 sessions) or within group settings

1:1 Session Energy Reset

Return your energy to a state of flow by releasing, balancing, and aligning 8 power centers (chakras) in the body. Natalie is intuitively guided to provide the most potent healing available to you.

Energy Activation

A specific frequency is used to awaken dormant DNA within the body.

Group Sessions

As above but sessions will be held within a group setting. Each person can be based remotely from each other and does not need to be tied to one location for the healing.
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