Life Vision Coaching

Life Vision Coaching combines energy awareness with traditional coaching to help individuals discover their core values, define their long-term aspirations, and develop actionable plans to create the life they truly desire.

How energy affects our life vision

We need to manage negative energy caused from our daily lives or events from the past. Do you ever feel anxious about the future? Or have feelings of insecurity and self doubt caused by lack of direction? Or simply feel stuck in a life where you are disconnected from your purpose? If left untreated, this blocked energy can impact our ability to focus on personal growth and create the life we desire.

Living our life vision, is a place to live from

Living your life vision doesn’t mean that you need to be a CEO or a self made millionaire, it simply means that you are being the best that you can be, doing what you love and what is in alignment with your values and desires. The issue is finding what is in alignment because most of us are disconnected from our intuition, have a lack self worth and feel disempowered to create the life we desire.

The energy game - the catalyst for change

There is a link between our energy and our ability to evolve and thrive. We must find harmony between our thoughts, feelings, and actions. When our energy is balanced, it provides clarity, emotional stability, and a sense of purpose. This lets us make mindful choices, stay true to our values, and grow in an authentic way. We let go of limiting beliefs and access our inner wisdom.

Reclaim Your Life From Feeling Stuck & Unfulfilled

Reconnect to your dreams and values

The life vision coaching journey

My clients typically go through the following stages during our sessions:


A release of tension as we get clear on the root causes of how you’ve been feeling.


Insights about habits, limiting beliefs and environmental factors that affect you.


Increased confidence in taking your next steps.


Healthy boundaries in your work and home life.


Clarity on what you want to achieve in life.

1:1 coaching sessions provide in-depth support.

Before participating in this life vision program, you may find yourself entangled in various challenges, limiting beliefs, or unfulfilling patterns.

Here are some things you might be seeking to break free from:

Lack of Clarity

You may feel a sense of ambiguity or lack of clarity regarding your life purpose, goals, and overall direction.

Limiting Beliefs

You may have internalized limiting beliefs about your capabilities, self-worth, or what is possible for you to achieve.

Fear and Uncertainty

You might be grappling with fears, doubts, or uncertainties about the future, hindering your ability to take bold steps toward your goals.

Stagnation or Plateau

You may feel stuck in a personal or professional plateau, seeking to break free from a state of stagnation and experience growth.

Unfulfilling Relationships

You may be dealing with relationships that no longer serve you or contribute positively to your well-being.

Lack of Passion

You could be yearning for a deeper connection with your passions and a more meaningful engagement with your work and life.

Overwhelm and Stress

You might be dealing with overwhelming stress, feeling burdened by the demands of life without a clear sense of balance.

Disconnection from Self

You may feel disconnected from your true selves, perhaps due to societal expectations, external pressures, or a lack of self-reflection.

Deteriorating physical & mental health

You may experience health issues due to prolonged dissatisfaction and disconnection from your true desires.

On completion of the programme you may experience a comprehensive shift in various aspects of your life such as:

Purposeful Living

You will gain a deep understanding of your life’s purpose and begin to live more intentionally, making choices that align with your overarching vision.

Authenticity and Self-Expression

You will learn to express yourself authentically, embracing your true selves and communicating openly with others.

Heightened Creativity and Innovation

You will experience a surge in creative and innovative thinking, leading to breakthroughs in both personal and professional endeavors.

Improved Decision-Making Skills

You will develop strong decision-making skills by using your life vision as a guide, resulting in choices that align with your long-term objectives.

Balanced Well-Being

You will have a more balanced mind-body connection, promoting overall well-being and a sense of inner peace.

Fulfilling Relationships

Having a better understanding of your personal values and life vision can lead to more meaningful connections and stronger relationships with others.

Professional Advancement

Clarity in life vision often translates into enhanced focus and productivity in professional pursuits, potentially leading to career advancement and success.

Continuous Growth Mindset

The transformation extends beyond the program, fostering a mindset of continuous growth, exploration, and learning.


You will feel inspired and motivated to take action towards your dreams, overcoming obstacles and setbacks along the way.
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