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Natalie Heilling is an energy coach and founder of The Energy Game, where she combines her gift as an energy healer with traditional coaching methods to help her clients release what is holding them back to reach their full potential. Inspired by traumatic events in her own life which led to C-PTSD and a chronic illness, Natalie strives to help her clients go from feeling stuck and disconnected from their lives to finding inner peace and fulfilment.
Natalie spent many years living in overwhelm and ignoring her self-care until one day she was unable to board a flight for a family holiday. This was the wake-up call she needed to start the quest for a more healthy and abundant life.
We often live in a place that is not in alignment with who we really are, which causes us to feel unhappy, anxious, and unfulfilled. The key concept for Natalie is mastering our energy. We are energy; our beliefs, thoughts, decisions, and actions all create our reality, and we have the power to change it.
Natalie’s mission is to help people live their life vision. Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to achieving their life vision, but Natalie teaches her clients that it is not a destination, it is a place to live from.
In her earlier career Natalie combines over 20 years’ experience from the corporate world where she Co-Founded an International Talent Research business. Natalie is passionate about bringing energetic coaching to corporates with her Workplace Coaching and Well-being programs. Specifically, Natalie is interested in raising awareness about wellbeing in the workplace with a focus on providing employees with the tools to master their mindset, emotions and spiritual wellbeing so that they can bring balance into their lives.
Natalie's programs our powerfully curated to combine energy awareness and management with traditional life coaching. Energy clearings can be integrated within each program for those that are open to this.

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